Call for Papers

HotICN 2022 provides scientists and engineers a platform for sharing their advances in the theory, techniques and applications of Information-Centric Networking (ICN). The conference is organized by Guangdong University of Technology. It focuses on Information-Centric Networking and its fusion with Blockchain, Cloud Network Integration & Testbed for Future Network. Papers with original contributions to these areas are solicited for submissions. Topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:

Track One: Information Centric Networking (ICN)

    ICN Architecture and Fundamentals

    ICN Mobility

    Security and Privacy Issues in ICN

    ICN in IPv6

    ICN in IoT

    ICN in Cloud/Fog

    ICN in 5G Mobile Internet

    ICN in Vehicle Network

    ICN Performance and Evaluation

    ICN-Inspired Applications and System

    ICN Analysis and Theory

Track Two: BlockChain

    Blockchain Technologies and System

    Security, Privacy and Trust Schemes for Blockchain

    Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledger Applications

    Networking Technologies in Blockchain

    Blockchain-Inspired Applications and System

    Distributed Consensus & Fault Tolerance Algorithms

    Performance, Scalability Issues

    Distributed Database Technologies for Blockchain

    Blockchain Platforms

    Blockchain-based Applications & Services

    Decentralized App Development

    Smart Contracts and Verification

    Security, Privacy, Attacks, Forensics

    Transaction Monitoring and Analysis

    Token Economy

    Regulations & Policies in Cryptocurrency

    Digital Wallets, Coin Exchange, Initial Coin Offering

    Anonymity and Criminal Activities of the cryptocurrency

    Managing the Risks of Cryptocurrency

    Web 3.0 Technology

Track Three: Cloud Network Integration

    The Architecture Design for Cloud Network Integration

    The Protocol Analysis and Design for Cloud Network Integration

    Integrated Networking, Computing and Caching

    Cloud Edge Collaboration

    Compute-First Networking

    Machine Learning in/for Cloud Network Integration

    Edge-Fog-Cloud Interplay

    Cloud-Native based Network

    The Role of Blockchain in Cloud Network Integration

    Management of Cloud Network Integration–Scheduling, Resource Scaling, Deployment, Orchestration, Monitoring, Benchmarking, and Metering

Track Four: New Technology for Future Network

    Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), Deterministic Networking (DetNet)

    Internet of Vehicles, Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything(C-V2X)

    Satellite Networks, Satellite Internet

    Industrial Internet, Internet of Things

    B5G/6G Networks

    Large-Scale Testbed FOR Future Network

    Testbed Design, Implementation and Deployment

    Tools and Services for Testbed Users and Operators

Track Five: Metaverse

    AR/VR Technologies

    3D Modeling and Application

    Edge Computing Enabled Metaverse

    Artificial Intelligence Enabled Metaverse

    Digital Twin Technology

    Intelligence Networking Technology

    Tactile Internet

    Blockchain for the Metaverse

    Application and Case Studies (Healthcare, Industry 4.0, Energy, Smart City, Finance, etc.)

    Architecture and Tools of The Metaverse

    Multimodal Semantic Communication in Metaverse

    Multi-sensory Multimedia Networks

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